Comprehensive Community Planning

Bonnie Michell, Comprehensive Community Planning Assistant

We are currently undertaking a Comprehensive Community Planning (CCP) process. This is an exciting opportunity for the Band to come together and collectively decide what direction we want to move in (our vision), what areas we need to pay special attention to, and what actions the band and community should take in the coming years.  This process will address important factors like: what types of programs we deliver, managing our lands, education, health and wellness, land use, language and culture, housing etc. 

Bonnie Michell is the SONY DSCXwisten Comprehensive Community Planning Assistant for the Band. Bonnie will be assisting and supporting with researching and collecting information from managers, band staff, and community members on and off-reserve. To stay informed about this project (and opportunities to get involved) please send Bonnie an email with your contact information and/or join our Facebook page.

If you have any questions, you can reach Bonnie at ccpplanning at xwisten dot ca or at the office Monday to Wednesday 8:00am-4:00 and Thursday 8:00am-12noon, or call her at 250-256-7423 ext: 246. Hours may change due to up-coming events.

Below are some of the outputs from the planning process so far. Stay tuned for more!

  • Our Community Profile. Have you ever wondered how many Xwisten members lived off-reserve, or what services are offered by the Xwisten administration? This document is full of interesting information about our community and provides a ‘snapshot’ of Bridge River Indian Band that we can use to compare our progress against in the coming years.
  • Youth Survey Results
  • Community Workshop reports (July 22 CCP Event and March 25 Event). We hosted two big community workshops to gather feedback from members. The reports explain what happened at the events and the feedback that was received.
  • September 2013 CCP Newsletter
  • August 2013 CCP Newsletter
  • July 2013 CCP Newsletter
  • April 2013 CCP Newsletter
  • February 2013 CCP Newsletter
  • Additionally, we’ve made tonnes of efforts to reach out to as many members as possible. We’ve conducted two surveys, started a community facebook page (with almost 170 members!), two big Community Gatherings, almost ten newsletters, monthly ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ posted around the reserve and on facebook, and more!

Xwisten_Open House 3_Report_FINAL_20140407