Chief & Council

Chief Susan James:

Susan James has lived in Bridge River for twenty seven years, she grew up in the T’it’q’et community with her seven siblings and parents Charlie and Violet James.  Susan has two children, twins, and one grand daughter.

For the past sixteen years Susan has been the Director of Operations for the Lillooet Tribal Council and prior to that, seventeen years as the Executive Director of the Lillooet Friendship Center. She continues to serve as a volunteer on the Board of Directors for the Friendship Center.   Her educational background is in Social Work which she received at Langara College.  Susan has served on Bridge River Band Council for more than twenty years. Susan loves to travel and enjoys curling and golfing.

Councillor Brenda Frank
Primary Portfolio: Education

Mom of 3 – Morgan James Frank, Cedric John Frank Sam, Krista Louisa Frank
Granny of 2 – Rex Peters & Andrew James Jr.
Parents – William Frank & Christine Frank (James)
Grandparents – Baptiste Frank & Catherine Frank
George James & Madeline James
Great-grandparents – Jean Baptiste & Gaowa
James James & Porline
Like my Great-grandfathers, signers on the Declaration of the Lillooet Tribe, I have the best interest of my Community at heart.
I have recently completed my Degree for Bachelor of Arts in First Nation Studies.

Councillor Ina Williams
Primary Portfolio: Child and Welfare

Ina Williams daughter of Xwisten Elder Cecelia Terry and Albert Tom Jr.  Is one of 6 siblings, her grandparents are the late David Terry and Irene Alexander of Xwisten, and Amelia and Albert Tom Sr. of Shalalth.  She is an Instructor with NVIT/St’at’imc Education Institute. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree and a Certificate in First Nations Studies research from Simon Fraser University. Ina also attended NVIT and acquired an Associate of Arts Degree. She has recently completed an Instructional Skills Workshop through the St’at’imc Education Institute. One of her major influences is her Mother, as she has always been a strong and positive role model within the community. Ina is a wife and mother of three boys and recently gained a daughter in-law. She enjoys arts and crafts, being outdoors in the spring and summer months, attending community events, practicing her culture and spending time with her family.

Councillor Gerald Michel
Primary Portfolio: Forestry
and Fisheries

Councilor for 20 plus years.
Lands and Resources Coordinator for the band – Deal with land and resource use referrals that the band receives
Certified Fisheries Technician (1999)
Certified Archaeology Technician (2000)
Certified Environmental Field Technician (2012)
Fisheries Representative on SGS Fisheries Technical Committee – 20 plus years
Board Member for Lillooet Regional Invasive Species Society
Alternate for St’at’imc Stewardship Advisory Committee
Member of the SLRD Agriculture Advisory Committee
Holder of the Emergency Planning Guide for I Joie, Terzaghi and Seton Dams
Married (28 years) with son and daughter, also have granddaughter and grandson

Councillor Harold James
Primary Portfolio: Health

Harold is one of seven children of our elder Dorothy James and the late Chief Gordon James.  He has lived in Xwisten all of his life.  He has one daughter and a grandson who currently live in Kamloops.

This is Harold’s fourth term on the Xwisten (Bridge River Band) Council.  He has held the portfolios for Health and Head Start but has also been called upon to participate with Administration on the Personnel portfolio and other portfolios if other Council are not available.

Most days you will find Harold, where he has been for the past 20 years, at Lightfoot Gas where his boss says he plays “an integral part” part in the day to day operations of the business.  Although his most visible position is in customer service as a filling station attendant, that is only one part of his job there.  On his days off Harold will most likely be enjoying his favorite pastime: taking a road trip either by himself or with friends.

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