The Health Department has a few components; administration of Health Canada programs, public Health Information, medical transport, and Ama Swa7 Home and Community Care.

Health Coordinator

Fay Michell is the Health Coordinator for the Bridge River Indian Band.  Her role includes a variety of different aspects in the Administration of Health for the Xwisten community; from assisting medical travel & accommodations, to developing and organization various Community Health Workshops: Diabetes, School Health Fairs, Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, Heart & Stroke for Adults and Youth.

Fay is to ensure the Bridge River Community is informed on health issues, Administer Health Canada programs, and all financial reporting required.

PH: 250-256-7423 ext. 227   FX: 250-256-2443

Medical Transportation – Special Requirements
Bridge River On-Reserve Members:
Allow 3-5 days to process.
Must have a Referral from a local physician. M.D; get confirmation that you have attended the appointment.
Dental health referrals must provide 2 weeks processing; all dental referral must be approved prior to departure.

Ama Swa7: Home and Community Care

Mission Statement:

The Ama Swa7 HCC will provide service to anyone in the community who has a physical, emotional, mental or social need for assistance, in order to continue living independently in their own community. Service needs will be addressed in a fair and consistent manner.  Service will be provided as needed to enhance the individual and the family’s independence.
The program is designed  to serve on reserve residents only;  covers all essential services; acute & chronic care.  It must follow the policies and procedures as determined by Health Canada.
Admission to the program is based on assessment of needs, and referrals can be by anyone-family, physician, or Social Worker etc.

Ama Swa7 Coordinator – Gail Gaudrey

Ama Swa7 Home and Community Care program on the Bridge River Reserve;  oversees the staff within the program; the registered nurse and certified home support workers.

PH: 250-256-7423 ext. 234 FX: 250-256-2443