Mona Bill, Housing Coordinator ext. 229
Hours Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

The Housing Coordinator is Mona Bill; some of the duties include Property Management of rental units, renovations, general maintenance records, tenant counseling,  and new construction.

Housing Department
Is basically the property management of the housing program for Bridge River Indian Band.
There are a variety housing projects in Bridge River, rental units, social housing, and privately owned homes in Bridge River.
The housing program is continuously growing as the population of Bridge River grows.

Application Process for Housing/Rentals
The current application process is simple at this time.

  • Write a letter to the Housing Department, indicating the space required, all individuals that would be living in the unit, type of employment, and current living conditions.
  • There may be a waiting list, if so don’t despair, please re-submitting your letter as necessary.
  • Once a unit is available for rent, it is first priority of sequence; provided the unit fits the number in the family and room available in the unit.  If there is an emergency situation or unusual circumstances, this may be reviewed.
  • Band members are always priority.